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Our Mission

New Noise Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing artists with free professional studio recording, mixing, and mastering services. By taking money out of the equation, the artist's creative process is uninhibited to create their true vision of their record. In addition, we'll open up this creative environment to students for hands-on learning as well as dedicated classes to learn everything about the recording process from pre-production all the way to mastering.

Free Recording

No need to worry about hourly rates, studio fees, fees for recording engineers, fees for mix engineers, or fees for mastering engineers. It's all taken care of so that the artist can simply create music.

Organic Music

The recording process in today's music industry model interjects limitations, stresses, and cutbacks. With those out of the way, the end product becomes what the music is truly intended to be. No financial modifications or controls!

... But How?

This is only made possible by you! Supporting New Noise Group is supporting music as a whole. Make a donation today so that we can provide these amazing services and promote organic music. No amount is too small!

Who We Are

Matt Clear

Social Media Director

With a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Engineering from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Matt has cultivated a well rounded musical background ranging from musical theatre to pop and rock music, which he writes and performs as a solo artist.

Omid Majdi

Executive Director

Omid has most recently been running NoiseSoundMusic, an online post-production studio that offers mixing and mastering services to artists. He oversees all aspects of the studio including client relations, marketing, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

Roland LeTete


Before New Noise Group, Roland worked as an entrepreneur in different areas including retail, and graphic design. Interested, enthusiastic, and engaged in music from a young age, Roland has been recording and writing music since he got his first guitar at the age of fifteen.

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Contact Us

Want to donate gear? Maybe a large monetary donation? Just interested in finding out more information? For these and/or any other questions please send an e-mail with your inquiry to info@newnoisegroup.org

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